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What's in it for me?

When you buy through my link, here is all of the value you get!

Bonus #1: 25% Discount for Life!

Once you upgrade your account, you will lock in a 25% monthly discount for life! That's a savings of $141/year!

Value: $141/year!

Bonus #2: Free Custom Logo Intro

I will create a stunning "logo reveal" style video using your logo, completely for free.

Value: $45

Bonus #3: The Video Marketing Library

Once you upgrade, the team at Vidnami will also give you access to their video marketing library, which contains eBooks and guides like: The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint, The 5-Minute Facebook Ad Formula, The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet, 21 Ways to Find Clients Cheat-Sheet, and 'Convert Your Phone Into A Pro Video Camera' Cheat-Sheet!

Value: $225

That's A Total Value of $411!

Just in your first year! You'll keep your 25% discount as long as you stay with Vidnami. You'll save at least $141/year, just from taking advantage of this amazing bonus offer!

Step 1: Click the button above.

Click the blue button above & a form will open.

Step 2: Enter your Info.

Fill out your name and email address. You will receive a confirmation email, make sure you click the link in that email to be eligible for the bonus. We'll send you an email with claim instructions after you confirm your email address.

Step 3: Sign up for Vidnami

After Steps 1 & 2, you'll be redirected to Vidnami which will give you the 14-day free trial. You can also upgrade at this time to claim your bonus immediately.

Step 4: Upgrade

You see how awesome Vidnami is now, right?! Click the green "Upgrade Now" button at the top of your screen when you're logged into Vidnami.

Step 5: Reply to our email.

Now that you've upgraded, you'll get a purchase receipt from PayPal. Reply to our "instructions" email with a screenshot of your purchase receipt, along with your logo, and tag line (slogan) for your business.

Step 6: Kick Back & Relax

I will get to work on your custom video intro for you to use in all of your Vidnami videos and send it over to you super duper speedy-like! That's it!

What is in the FREE Video Marketing eBook Library? 

21 Ways to Get Clients Cheat-sheet

21 Ways to Get Clients Cheat-Sheet

Vidnami can be your "business-in-a-box." If you want to start a video agency easily, then with Vidnami and this book, you're ready to go!

  • Vidnami users reveal their favorite ways to get new clients!

  • Ways to find clients locally.

  • Ways to find new clients online.

The 5-minute Facebook Ad Formula

5-Minute Facebook Ad Formula

Do Facebook ads seem like a mystery to you? Let's demystify them in this book. No longer will you be chasing Facebook success like Bigfoot in the wild. You can now start getting high ROI results without the confusion.

  • Follow the simple 3-step plan to make amazing Facebook video ads.

  • Tips for making an irresistible offer.

  • Effective ways you can get your customers to take action.

The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-sheet

The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet

Tired of all the confusing instructions there are to get your video seen on YouTube? In this short cheat-sheet, you're shown the exact, step-by-step tips you need to follow to get your video seen. Best of all: it's not difficult once you know the steps!

  • Includes: 1-page Checklist to get it right every time!

  • A simple trick to increase your subscriptions (tip #21) dramatically!

  • Tips that help keep viewers watching (HUGE!)

How to convert your phone into a pro video camera.

How to Convert Your Phone Into a Pro Video Camera

This guide will show you how to turn your smartphone into a professional video camera. Using the very simple CAL framework, you'll learn exactly what you need to do to shoot professional looking video on a shoestring budget!

  • The 2 things that can make your phone's video better.

  • Two very compact solutions for video on the go or in small spaces.

  • A jaw-dropping tip to help you know exactly what to say when you hit the record button.

Killer content videos

The Killer Content Video Formula

Educate your prospects with killer content to pave the way for future sales. This book outlines the exact formula you can use to leave your viewers begging for your products.

  • The framework you need for killer content videos.

  • Tons of examples.

  • Copy & Paste Templates

Product review videos and why they're so effectie.

The Product Review Video eGuide

Rake in automated affiliate income as a trusted advisor to shoppers around the world!

  • Why product review videos might be the most effective form of video.

  • The types of product review videos.

  • Lots of examples.

Question and Answer Videos and why they drive traffic.

The Question and Answer Videos Blueprint

Cash in on the high-profit, low-competition video traffic few people know about. This book shows you how to unlock a flow of traffic.

  • Why Q&A videos can drive so much traffic.

  • How to establish trust in your expertise.

  • How to get traffic from these kinds of videos.

The curated video newsletter.

The Curated Video Newsletter How-to

Rapidly grow a captive audience using other peoples' content ETHICALLY. The internet is filled with amazing content that is literally BEGGING to be seen. Help the world find it as you grow an audience!

  • How to create a curated video newsletter.

  • How to build an audience while ethically using other peoples' content.

  • Tips to drive up subscribers with effective calls-to-action.

Video listicles

The Video Listicles Formula

The powerful, simple formula used by YouTube's most prolific channels to capture over 7 BILLION views!

  • Why video listicles are the most popular videos on YouTube.

  • The anatomy of the top 137 most viral videos on YouTube.

  • Tips for you to quickly create your own video listicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will this cost?

This bonus offer is completely free. You'll need to pay for Vidnami, but my link gives you a 25% discount for as long as you're a member.

I've signed up for the free trial, where is my "Marketing Library" and Bonus Intro Video?

The bonuses are only available for paying customers. Once you upgrade to a paid Vidnami account, you'll receive an email with the "Video Marketing Bonus Pack." You should also have an email from which you can reply to with your proof of purchase and logo so we can create your bonus intro video for you.

I'm on the free trial, can I get the bonus offer?

Unfortunately, this deal is only available to people who pay for Vidnami. You can upgrade your trial at any time by clicking the green "Upgrade Now" button at the top of the screen when you're logged into Vidnami.

I'm already a Vidnami customer, can I get this bonus still?

This bonus is only available to people who purchase through my links on this page.

Why are you doing this? What do you get out of it?

I'm an affiliate for Vidnami. When I refer paying customers to them, they give me a referral fee. This in no way affects how much you pay. In fact, you get a discount when you purchase through my links. I've created this bonus offer to encourage people to sign up through me.

Ready to get started?

Don't miss out on these amazing bonuses. Click the button below and get started. There is no credit card required to get started. You literally have nothing to lose by trying Vidnami.

I'm Ready to Try Vidnami!

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